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Donate now to help Lila and her family continue her scoliosis treatment.

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Lila's Story

Our daughter Lila, had a normal spine until she started growing. She was diagnosed with a slight case of scoliosis that quickly became severe. After her 13th birthday, we were told she immediately required surgery in which a rod would be fused to her spine. We wanted to heal our daughter but also wanted to be informed of our options before taking such drastic measures. We researched studies and therapies, interviewed specialists and spent a lot of time praying for healing, guidance and clarity. We found a scoliosis specialist located in St. Cloud, MN-- only one and a half hours from our home. We make the trip once a week and if Lila has a growth spurt, we go more often. We're pleased that her scoliosis has improved over the past 15 months. With her therapy, her thoracic curve improved from a 56 degree curve to a 38 degree curve, which is no longer in the operable category. It's a crucial time in her development as she continues to grow. Her scoliosis, spinal growth and corresponding pain management stretches our family in terms of time and financial burden. As we move forward in her care, we are so grateful for your prayers and support.

With gratitude,

Nancy (Lila's mother)